Premium BEP Fuel Additives safely and completely clean internal engine parts including injectors, valves and exhaust system. They significantly extend the life…


BEP – Much Better Fuel with a high-tech composition is the next generation of fuel additives that is completely and fully dissolved in the fuel that transports it into…


Dear clients, we are the first in the world to offer emission reduction with a guarantee! Thanks to our additive, we reduce emissions by 30% – 95%! The guarantee applies to all gasoline…


Not only can we save your engines, but also your money. Do you know what does your vehicle’s control unit do when it detects a higher quality BEP – Much Better Fuel?



Better Fuel is so different from other competing products that we are not afraid to say you are not going to find anything like this in the global market. To achieve the same effects that BEP – Much Better Fuel offers, you would have to mix at least 5 products currently available on the market. However, due to the strictly protected BEP recipe, even after mixing other competing products, you won´t obtain the product we offer just in one tablet! We do not compromise with our quality. BEP – Much Better Fuel contains only the highest quality components, a total of 12 substances available in the global AUTOMOTIVE industry. For several years, we have been conducting researches to discover this high-quality BEP and we are proud to be able to offer it to you.

How can you find out,

that it works

1. The first conclusive evidence that the tablets really work is a simple measurement of emissions before using BEP – Much Better Fuel and after. We will refund your money if you do not reduce emissions by at least 30% after using it in ten tanks. Usually, however, we reduce emissions much more.
2. Another proof are perfectly clean candles covered with soft orange protective layer.
3. As far as the injectors are concerned, the output part of the injector nozzle is cleaned and therefore there are no mechanical micro particles in the closing saddle of the injectors.
4. There is a reduce of consumption by up to 15%, in relation to the comparable use of a vehicle. In order to measure the consumption accurately, please use our card and do not rely on your on-board computer.
5. Clearly noticeable increased engine flexibility and a smoother, quieter engine, which you will usually experience after 3 tablets. The more BEP – Much Better Fuel you use, the more evident the results and increased performance until a complete cleansing of the engine parts.

selection from references

Statement of the Transport Department of the city of Brno on the operating result of the BEP technology test.In 2013, from July to September, our company had been testing the Boogie Energy Pill fuel conditioner. The test was carried out on a selected vehicle – bus Karosa B931.1675, production year 1998, engine LIAZ EURO II, which, at the time testing, had a mileage of 920 000 km…


Evaluation of the tests of the effects of the Boogie Energy Pill fuel conditioner.According to the request Boogie Energy Pill s.r.o., our company tested the Boogie Energy Pill fuel conditioner. Measured locomotive: The tests were performed on a locomotive 740 with the numerical designation 740 899-0 which is operated and owned by our company…

Lokotrans Servis Brno – STATEMENT

References using the BEP technology from AWT Rekultivace. In the first adaptation month, the BEP effects are usually not visible yet. In this evaluation, we used the average consumption for the three tested months and for the second and third month separately. The achieved results confirm previous allegations. Grey cells contain the resulting values of the savings…

AWT Rekultivace