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The ambasador of our BEP – Much Better Fuel brand

is Tomáš Tomeček – Tom Racing

Africa eco Race – Dakar Rally racer

I didn´t expect anything particular from using Boogie Energy Pill tablets-fuel conditioner. It even took me one entire year to persuade myself to try it, there was always something else to deal with, but I’m absolutely excited about the results now: the engine runs better, it’s faster at higher rpm which is really great, like tasting the creamiest ice-cream in the world! There is no black smoke coming from the engine, only grey. The tailpipe is clean. It’s pretty incredible! And what I had not expected at all is, that with my driving style I also save on consumption. Now, I don´t drive without tablets anymore.

In the ninth stage of the Africa Eco Race 2015 from Azougui to Akjout, the team PROMET/EXCALIBUR of Tomáš Tomeček had the fastest truck – and placed first!!! In the final eleventh stage of the Africa Eco Race 2015 from Toueila to Saint Louis they placed third, just behind the tandem of the Russian Kamaz. In the final evaluation, the Tatra with its starting number 400 placed third among trucks and got a very satisfactory sixth-place overall.


Africa Eco Race 2016 photos

Tomáš Tomeček – Africa Eco Race 2016

The Promet Excalibur team of Tomáš Tomeček placed second in the AFRICA ECO RACE® 2016

Tomáš Tomeček and Ladislav Lála defending the colors of Promet Excalibur team placed second at the AFRICA ECO RACE® 2016. The three-time winner of the race from the years 2011, 2012 and 2014 set out on the African continent with the aim of repeating the previous five successful starts. Despite a series of dramatic moments, he managed to accomplish his goal. Tomeček then celebrated the 30th anniversary of the start of Tatra in long-distance competitions with dignity. The Africa Race is a long-distance race, which stays true to the original spirit of the Dakar Rally. The marathon competition started two days before the end of the year. Challenging rocky terrains of Morocco were gradually replaced by the rocky desert of Western Sahara and sand dunes in Mauritania. Traditionally, the winners were announced after finishing the final stage on January 10 at the Lac Rose (meaning Pink Lake) in Senegal.

At the finish of the final stage, Tomáš Tomeček emotionally commented on the result that his Tatra with air-cooled engine has achieved: “I am happy that we got up here. It certainly wasn´t easy, but the Dakar Rally is never easy. I would like to sincerely thank all our partners, because without them we would not be able to participate. I also thank all those who believed in us and sent us energy in difficult moments.

Also Ladislav Lála, his navigator, felt emotional: “Yes, yes, yes! It is an amazing feeling I would like everyone to experience. Thank you, Tomáš, for your trust and many thanks to all people in the Czech Republic for their support. I would like to dedicate this prize to my father, who died tragically not a long time ago. Dad, I hope you can see me. Last year it was hard, but this year it was even harder. I would like to thank my friends from Kamaz Master team and all those who helped us in difficult moments.”

The story of this year’s Africa Race began in sunny Monaco, from where the whole race caravan moved to Morocco’s Nador. “The first kilometres showed us that this year we should expect a very difficult race,” shared his impressions Tomáš Tomeček and he did not forget to mention all the important changes of the chassis of the car: “The new Reiger Racing dampers significantly influenced the improved stability of the Tatra. The car is faster, yet more manageable.”

Just few minutes before the start of the second stage, the crew found out that the team assistance truck broke down: “We had no chance to solve anything, we were basically at the start,” describes Tomáš Tomeček. Instead of service, rest and preparation for the third stage, Tomeček and Lála set off to meet their mechanics, who were more than three hundred kilometres from the bivouac with a cracked bearing on the crankshaft. At dawn, the Tatra brought the mechanics to the bivouac. After the necessary service and thanks to the help of the competition director Jean-Louis Schlesser and Hungarian Miklos Kovacs they managed to transfer selected spare parts to the accompanying trucks.

The fourth stage was full of sharp stones. Unfortunately, also the Tatra 401 had some defects. After two pierced tires, Tomeček slowed down (trucks usually carry two reserves). The hissing sound about 12 kilometres before the checkpoint station four meant only one thing – the Tatra had to stop for the third time. “We said to ourselves that we would try to get at least to CP4,” describes Lála, the navigator.”Tomáš modified the pressure settings in the remaining wheels to make the car as stable as possible. Then we continued on three wheels.” This three-hour loss moved them off the top three positions.

After a day off in Moroccan Dakhla, the Rally moved to Mauritania where the racers had to deal with challenging sandy stages and feared sand dune fields. Thanks to the victory in the ninth and tenth stage, Tomeček – Lála team placed second of the overall classification, which they managed to maintain until the end of the race. Because of winning the most difficult stage, Tomeček won the prestigious Truck Desert Master. The final Senegalese stage could no longer influence the final results.

“Before the start, I said to myself that only those who reach the Lac Rose could achieve a high ranking,” said Tomáš Tomeček after the race. “Despite eight defects, eleven ruined tires and problems with the assistance truck, we fortunately succeeded. Finally, we were also lucky when one racer from the Kamaz team encountered a clutch problem. The Kamaz team undoubtedly deserved the first place. I am also happy that Elisabete Jacinto placed third. And of course, many thanks and respect to my navigator Láďa Lála.”

The two organizing Tatra trucks “balai” (broom) arrived to Dakar and rightly deserved many thanks from the organizers and competitors. Tomáš Tomeček provides organizational and logistical support with Tatra 815 6×6, modified to the so called “off/road tow trucks”.

There are many partners behind the success of the Promet Excalibur team of Tomáš Tomeček. The main sponsor for this season is once again the Promet Group company and CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (former EXCALIBUR GROUP). Also TATRA TRUCKS, Tawesco, Mann Hummel and Federal Mogul support the team.